Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time Out

I'm having a bit of an insane time at the moment, I plan to post a lot more regularly once some horrible things that are being thrown our way settle down a bit. I wont go into it all but we are enduring some tough and stressful times.

I know that everyone endures various battles and dramas throughout their lives and we all know that life isn't ALWAYS a breeze and carefree especially when you have a family to take care of amongst it all. What is important though during these trying times is to take some TIME OUT and let the mind rest from the constant stress and strain of what is going on.

We decided to have a day of this yesterday and went exploring towards the coastline of Central QLD, near Seaforth and found some wonderful sights and treasures along the way. Spending time with my beautiful little family and enjoying the fresh air and greenery around us was a great help in relieving the stress and letting some of the anger inside of me go.

Whatever turmoil you maybe experiencing right now, remember always to be grateful and thankful for what you do have and all that is precious to you, as these are the things that will make you smile and help you through the dark days. If your in the midst of dark days, I hope and pray that they will soon be over for you as I hope they will be for us too.

Brenda :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Love for the Shirt Dress

Over the past 3 years my wardrobe has become limited to either maternity clothes followed by loose fitting with ease of access for breast feeding clothes, then onto normal loose fitting clothes for a short time before going back to maternity clothes and currently now in loose fitting ease of access for breast feeding clothes again.

During this time in my life, (with young children) as much as I tried to prevent it, my wardrobe style has completely changed and my old 'Style' of clothes have sat and waited patiently to be worn but only a couple of them have seen the light of day in the past 3 years. I like to keep them there for inspiration, I think not for loosing weight but inspiration to remind me of my true 'Style' and not to get too carried away with the easy mum wardrobe everyday which can make me forget that I actually do have a great sense of style.

Some pics from my wardrobe 

I may catch a glimpse of something that will remind me that I LOVE things with COLOUR, SPARKLE, or that are BOLD or PRETTY however now I need to add in the need for practicality, like being able to breast feed, modesty for such things as squatting down or bending over numerous times throughout the day or little hands tugging and pulling at necklines and hems etc etc...

So my wardrobe has developed to become more practical, easy to wash and wear with lots of knits but not too tight fitting, have longer hemlines, are breastfeeding friendly but still have a sense of style. My wardrobe is now a lot more classic than trend orientated but I still love to insert certain trends through one off items of clothing or accessories to jazz it up a bit.

One particular style of dress that I love is the shirt dress or any dress that has buttons at the centre front. A dress like this is a great option for a breastfeeding women who want to look/feel great, get a tailored look all while being able to breastfeed or express if the need arises, which is just impossible if wearing a shift dress.

Inspiration: Kirsten Dunst in this gorgeous navy coat dress (Image Source)

Real Life option - Sportscraft Chiarra Trench Dress (Image Source)

Below is a gorgeous Karen Walker dress - Red/Ivory button thru midi dress with belt (Image Source)
MY FAVORITE!! - Another Karen Walker dress in different colour option - Navy/Ivory button thru midi dress with belt (Image Source)

 Topshop - Pleat midi shirt dress in this great tangerine colour (Image Source)

 Wish - Savu Dress (Image Source)

Great Print! - Elise - Wonderland Dress (Image Source)

Zipper instead of buttons - Blue Juice - Kokomo Dress (Image Source)

Very Pretty - Jag - Floral Midi Dress (Image Source)

Clean & Crisp - Basque - Lace cut out hem dress White (Image Source)

Oh so lovely! - Leona Edmiston - Ellen Dress (Image Source)

Makes me want to go shopping!!

Brenda xx

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product of the Week - Aden + Anais Slumber Muslin Sleeping Bags

I plan to talk about a different product each week that I have found to be fabulous as a mum, this week I want to talk about the 'Slumber muslin sleeping bags' by Aden + Anais

Aden + Anais have a wide range of products, lots using their beautiful quality cotton muslin voile; my sister in law uses their muslin wraps and says they are the best ones she has ever used as the muslin is great quality, the squares are large in size and the prints are gorgeous.

But I want to talk about their Slumber Cotton Muslin Sleeping Bags - I am a huge fan of sleeping bags, once bub starts rolling around in the cot, sheets really become useless as they just kick them off, so sleeping bags offer that peace of mind throughout the night by knowing that they are covered up safely. Living in Central Queensland, Australia our summers are very warm and even with the air conditioner on, cover up needs to be light and not too heavy or warm, that's why these sleeping bags are perfect.

Made from excellent quality 100% cotton muslin voile, they are re-in forced with binding at shoulders, side, hem, and centre front zip opening seams, making them last well despite being made from a loose weave fabric. They are available in various sizes and great prints for both boys, girls and unisex colours and they are well priced at $32 each online.

They also have a fabulous cozy version for the cooler months which uses several layers of the muslin in the sleeping bag to make it a warmer cozy option.

I bought the first one to try it out a few months ago and have used nothing else since throughout summer, washing and drying it was quickly as I could to re-use it again. I just bought a second one that I will pack in Indigo's day care bag, I only wish I had them for my 1st baby. 

Brenda :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Silly Thinking

My baby girl Indigo is heading off to day care soon for the first time (she will be 9 months). She will be going the same two days a week as my 2 1/2 year old daughter Pearl, which means I will finally have two full uninterrupted days working from home, Yay!

With this happening only a week and a half a way now, I thought I better get my act together and organise everything Indigo will need but then I thought - Oh yeah I should actually check that she will feed from a bottle first, as she has been purely a BF baby. Then I started thinking - Oh that means I have to express a couple of bottles ahead of time so they are ready for her (I am not one of these mothers who has heaps of breast milk in the freezer, as I never get the opportunity to go anywhere without her so I haven't had the need to).

This probably doesn't sound like too much of an effort right?? wrong - I am down to only 4 feeds a day now and I am just not quite sure how I am going to get enough milk for an entire extra feed? I suppose I could just express half a feed one day and mix it with half a feed from the next day to make it enough for one full one? 

This is when I started thinking that it's going to be a bit of work & that I need to do some planing and be organised. That's when the laziness hit me and I just thought - Why don't I just see if she will take formula for the 2 day care days? I can start to ween her with doing 2 x formula feeds + 2 x BF a day. I was happy with this, as she is now 9 months and it could be good to start this ball rolling. Right?? Wrong!

My darling little baby sculled down the bottle of breast milk in a heart beat so there was no problem with her taking the bottle but then when I tried with a bottle of formula she took one sip and looked at me with a face like 'What the hell is this?' and pushed it away. It didn't matter how much I tried she just didn't want a bar of it, so that was that, back to the drawing board. It really was very silly thinking of me to think that just because she is such a dream baby and a great eater that she would just take the formula with no hiccups at all, serves myself right.

Anyway on the positive side she takes the bottle with BF milk, so I will just have to organise myself better and express enough milk for two feeds for the first day and then I will have express while she is at day care to make up for the two feeds she will need the next day/week. I can then slowly start mixing the formula into the breast milk so that she gets used to the taste and hopefully will start to like it. I should have known better but I think when you are a busy mum sometimes the easy option looks great but it doesn't always work out :).

Brenda :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello Sane and Stylish Mummy's

Lets talk about things that bring us both joy & sadness, make us happy, worry, cry, angry, passionate and confused - these are all things that I feel on a weekly sometimes daily basis.

A mother of two young beautiful girls (8 1/2mths & 2 1/2 years), wife to a hard working husband, I do the best I can juggling motherhood, working/running a business from home, staying sane etc etc... My background is in fashion design & I am working very hard slaving away as a designer & business owner of an accessory & fashion label, I dream one day will be successful.

I plan to talk about products for kids/babies/mums that I love as both a mother and a designer, issues that are on my mind, topics that are important for children & families, style and fashion that is wooing my wallet or just inspiring me in general.

Be warned though, I'm not planning to be one of these oh so nice and positive all the bloody time, type of blogs... There will be honesty, sometimes bluntness, I'm not one to beat around the bush, so I don't expect everyone to agree with me and that's fine :)

I hope that you can join me on this adventure and follow along with the pretty and not so pretty subjects we share.