Friday, January 13, 2012

Silly Thinking

My baby girl Indigo is heading off to day care soon for the first time (she will be 9 months). She will be going the same two days a week as my 2 1/2 year old daughter Pearl, which means I will finally have two full uninterrupted days working from home, Yay!

With this happening only a week and a half a way now, I thought I better get my act together and organise everything Indigo will need but then I thought - Oh yeah I should actually check that she will feed from a bottle first, as she has been purely a BF baby. Then I started thinking - Oh that means I have to express a couple of bottles ahead of time so they are ready for her (I am not one of these mothers who has heaps of breast milk in the freezer, as I never get the opportunity to go anywhere without her so I haven't had the need to).

This probably doesn't sound like too much of an effort right?? wrong - I am down to only 4 feeds a day now and I am just not quite sure how I am going to get enough milk for an entire extra feed? I suppose I could just express half a feed one day and mix it with half a feed from the next day to make it enough for one full one? 

This is when I started thinking that it's going to be a bit of work & that I need to do some planing and be organised. That's when the laziness hit me and I just thought - Why don't I just see if she will take formula for the 2 day care days? I can start to ween her with doing 2 x formula feeds + 2 x BF a day. I was happy with this, as she is now 9 months and it could be good to start this ball rolling. Right?? Wrong!

My darling little baby sculled down the bottle of breast milk in a heart beat so there was no problem with her taking the bottle but then when I tried with a bottle of formula she took one sip and looked at me with a face like 'What the hell is this?' and pushed it away. It didn't matter how much I tried she just didn't want a bar of it, so that was that, back to the drawing board. It really was very silly thinking of me to think that just because she is such a dream baby and a great eater that she would just take the formula with no hiccups at all, serves myself right.

Anyway on the positive side she takes the bottle with BF milk, so I will just have to organise myself better and express enough milk for two feeds for the first day and then I will have express while she is at day care to make up for the two feeds she will need the next day/week. I can then slowly start mixing the formula into the breast milk so that she gets used to the taste and hopefully will start to like it. I should have known better but I think when you are a busy mum sometimes the easy option looks great but it doesn't always work out :).

Brenda :)

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