Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rental Property Managers....I really question the decency of these people?

I've been offline for a few weeks due to some horrible things going on, its not quite over yet either which is very annoying but I need to get on with my life now that we are near the rear end of it all. I have really been pushed to the brink but I've tried very very hard to take the high road and not let it tear me apart or allow me to totally loose control and tear apart those who have caused our grief.

Most of our troubles have been inflicted, through no fault of our own by a previous rental property management office. This is not the first time I have experienced major problems through a real estate agency and from talking with many friends and family who cannot believe what we have been put through, I seem to get the same response - 'That's real estate agents for you!'

I really don't mean to generalise here but it just seems to me, after all the very negative experiences I have had along with the many stories from others, that there is a certain breed of people that take on the real estate agency roles - especially rental property managers. The culture in these offices seems to breed and promote many disgusting traits such as; greed, back stabbing, lying, intimidation, bullying and just general evilness. How is this accepted as good practice I ask?

I also ask why is it that rental property managers seem to think its OK to treat good renters like dirt? Or as if they are in a lower class in society because they rent? This might come as a shock but guess what! Renters are not always renters! and when the time comes for the renter to find a real estate agent to purchase a house from or even an investment property, lets just say we wont be forgetting the terrible customer service experienced before as a renter.

It may also come as another shock that landlords are not always right! and they do not always know best! Just because someone own's a property it does not make them a better person than the person who rents from them. Nor does it make it OK to pressure a real estate agency to do un-honorable things such as threatening, intimidating, lying and bullying the tenant.

Just a little bit angry....well maybe a lot but I'm just saying the Real Estate Industry has in my opinion disgustingly poor morals and deserves a major shake up. If you are fortunate enough in your life to own an investment property, I hope that your real estate treats your tenants well and with respect, after all they are paying off your investment mortgage and taking care of your property. They dont deserve to be treated like dirt from you or real estate agency, so maybe its worth checking up on your agency's reputation amoungst renters and see how they stack up.

Brenda :)

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