Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a thought about judgements we make

I had a great morning with my girls today, like most Friday's I try to take them to a Mainly Music session, which if you haven't heard about it you must check it out as there are groups all over the country that organise them for a very small fee each week. My girls just love singing and dancing around silly with me and watching the other kids do the same.

After the session all the kids get a great little morning tea and then play time with heaps of toys while all the mums and carers try to take five with a cuppa. It was while I was enjoying my cuppa this morning that I was listening to another mum talk about how she had never eaten McDonald's and was glad of this as she had no intentions of ever trying it, 'I'd rather eat rat poison than that stuff, you might as well be eating posion' is what she said. Wow a bit harsh I thought...I'm not really a fan of McDonald's either but I've made that choice after eating it and I think I just prefer KFC really (even though I regret it later haha).

So then I immediately thought ohhhh ok this woman must be one of those mum's who is a vegetarian or something and only eats organic everything blah blah blah (nothing against vegetarians) and that's why she is rattling on about all the poisons in our food etc. But you know maybe I was too quick to judge her? It seems that she was quick to judge those at the table who had already eaten MacDonald's before and then alienate them with her comments. I don't know? but after hearing what she said I don't think she would really be the type of person I could sit and have a yarn with during our next music session.

This did make me think after though, how often do we make immediate judgements on people we meet through statements they make or something they do? Just because you disagreed with their opinion or action on one thing doesn't necessarily mean that you will have also have such different opinions on other things? or is it a good indication that you will? Should we be more open to seeing what else is going on in their mind before we shut the door on them? I'm not sure? What do you think?

I'd probably like to think that I could be patient enough with every new person I meet to give them the time to see what is really going on and makes them tick but in reality I just don't have the time and quick judgements seem to filter out those that I think are just not my cup of tea. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you handle this sort of thing.

Brenda :)

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