Friday, March 30, 2012

What a week! - Kitchen Garden Update

Well its been one of those weeks, both kids were sick which meant neither went to day care (on their two registered days) which therefore resulted in me feeling like I achieved nothing. I have actually achieved heaps in relation to looking after the girls but with regards to getting the house cleaned and working on my business - no nothing was achieved really. Instead I tried my best to keep happy and entertained my two little grizzly bears who were out of sorts. I should be glad its Friday but now I'm flying solo with the girls for the next 3 days but at least the girls are on the mend and not so grizzly anymore.

We finally finished preparing and planting all our herbs and veges for our Kitchen garden last weekend, the girls and I have spent much of the week outside tending to it and have been so excited to already see sprouts appearing through the soil. I cant believe how much I have enjoyed the whole process of researching, preparing and planting our Kitchen Garden and then how even more excited I have been to see it growing already. It has also been really lovely to finally spend some nice time outside with the girls since all the rain has passed. Have a look at our progress.

Soil all prepared and ready for planting

Pearl and I starting to plant the seeds

Planting the seeds

All mulched and finished

We were super excited to see sprouts of broccoli, corn and zuccini plants after only 4 days!!

Brenda :)

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