Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I feel like I'm falling behind in everything and its getting to me. We moved into our new rental a few months ago now and while everything looks like we've set up the house on the surface if you scratch it a little you will see there is still a lot to do. I've been trying to get on top of it all finally but I feel like its getting the better of me.

This was my list of stuff to start tackling along with the normal list chores:

  • Ironing - my pile of 'To Iron' clothes, has been growing and collecting dust for about 3 months now and it was really starting to annoy me as I was only ever wearing the wash and wear clothes over and over and wondering where all my other clothes were. Well I started on the pile but ironing is really only something you can do when the kids are not around for safety reasons in a small house as its just too likely an accident will happen. I did start one day when the girls were both having a rare nap at the same time but it wasn't long enough to get it finished so it is still unfinished and now growing again.
  • Time to go through all the clothes that the girls are growing out of and pack them away and dig out all the hand me downs for winter and the next size up. I did get into the shed on the weekend and go through all the clothes and pulled out a massive amount of clothes for both the girls for this winter and then started the huge job of washing, drying, folding and putting away all of these items....I am still working through this and re-organising their cupboards to fit all the bulky winter stuff in. Its difficult to fit everything in the draws and cupboards when its still a bit too early to put all the summer stuff away as the days are still warm.
  •  Trying to sort out a meal plan/routine for the month. I have been getting really annoyed with myself over the last month as I seemed unable to get myself together and organise something for dinner most evenings. I  think everything else was getting on top of me and dinner was just the last thing I felt like tackling and then had no ideas of what to cook when the time came around. So I made it my mission to sit down and go through all my recipe clippings and look through my cook books to get new ideas and be inspired to start cooking good meals again. This all started off well enough and I had a really good list going but then other stuff had to get done and its ended up unfinished sitting on the kitchen table for the last 2 weeks.
  • Work on my business - this is something that I am meant to do every Tuesday and Wednesday (minimum) when my girls go to day care but again life has had other plans and for the last 6 weeks I have had to deal with other urgent personal matters which I have had no choice but to deal with but this has only made me depressed as I have not been able to work and spend the time doing what I love and what I have worked so hard on. 
  • Finding a place for all those little bits and bobs - you know when you move house and you put a pile or in our case a few boxes aside to deal with later.. well I'm trying to deal with those now and find a home for all these things that need a cupboard to sit or wall to hang on etc...well they are still not unpacked. 
  • Then there are the stupid crappy things that happen which doesn't spell out 'The end of the world' but it sure does make things hard and annoying - like the other day when we snapped our car key off in the ignition and were left stranded at the kids day care with no way of getting home (we sorted it all out and were OK) but this sort of stupid stuff happens to us a fair bit and you just get tired of it - we just have to laugh about it.  
  • Add to all of this the endless amount of normal washing, looking after and keeping entertained my beautiful girls, putting together Indi's modern cloth nappies, cleaning the house, gardening and looking after the dog etc..etc...

I think this is all contributing to my current feelings of massive frustration. I know that I should just focus on one project, finish it and then tackle the next one but I'm one of these people who constantly feels annoyed if things are not settled and organised (I don't mean all prettily organised, I just mean everything has a place). I think that I have a better handle on things and I suppose more control over things when I'm organised and after living in temp or short term living arrangements for nearly a year now, I am really feeling the need to gain  back some control and feel like I have a handle on it all again.

Wish me luck :)

Brenda :)

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